Barry - Actor

Over the ensuing decades, Gary has shaped, styled and designed myriad cuts for myriad characters I have played. I wouldn't think of beginning to create a new character without his trusted input.

Antonia - Journalist

No man has been in my life longer and more reliably than Gary. Not only does he work sleek and voluminous miracles with my fine, frizzy hair, he really knows how to give a girl an updo for formal occasions...

Rob - Writer/Playwright

Gary Chowen is the hairdresser's hairdresser. Which is not to say that he cuts the hair of other hairdressers...though I'm sure he probably does. No, I mean that he is the hairdresser other hairdressers aspire to be. And never could be.

Maureen - Writer/Editor

Gary is old school. He really knows hair. He doesn't try to sell you on the "latest do" or product. While he can do anything, his strength is simple: he just gives you an exceptional cut that holds its precision a long time and doesn't take a lot of maintenance.

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Rita - Journalist

I have followed Gary Chowen from salon to salon for over 30 years. Not that I am a crazed hairdresser groupie but he has taken me from straight hair (starting with salvaging a badly botched Vidal Sassoon serf cut that made me look more like Bennett Cerf) to curly to straight again. He is simply the best. He is the best hair cutter in the biz. He calls himself a hair-apist but I call him Gar-apist. He is a great raconteur, full of stories, some of them even printable. (I am a fashion/lifestyle/entertainment/real estate writer for the Toronto Star). I have recommended him to countless friends and they have become faithful clients, which just about says it all. And he has bragging rights, having created the iconic look for Cher with Bob Mackie in her glitter "I Got You Babe" days. The wonder of it all is that he is cheap and cheerful. He won't ding you $400 for a haircut like some Yorkville hairdressers.

Kris - Photographer

I trust Gary Chowen with every strand of my long hair. Like many others, I have suffered the ill effects of numerous 'hairdressers' until Mr. Chowen came along and earned the permanent title of my personal 'Hair Master and Commander'. He is not only my 'Hair Master' he is my friend, a very funny man, a very kind man, a serious confidant and a great human being who loves cats. I know, as I continue to gush he will soon insist upon being called 'Sir' Gary Chowen but until then I will hand him the scissors and let him have at it knowing I will walk out of his salon looking like the million bucks I paid him for the haircut. Okay, I didn't really pay him a million bucks - that's another great reason I signed my lifelong contract with GC - because he is reasonable - in a way that suits my 'senior' budget; sometimes I have to force him to take money - who does that? Gary Chowen, that's who. He has a heart is bigger than all of Toronto !!