Working With Your Hair

If there is one valuable lesson I have learned in my career as a Hairdresser and that's to work with the hair and not against it as the hair will always win. Too many hairdressers want to give you the haircut of the month hairstyle. Hair has a growth pattern and a good hairdresser will realize this and cut the hair accordingly. I have seen too many unhappy clients who have brought in a unrealistic picture of what they wish to have done and leave unhappy because they don't look like the person in the picture. I always take time to explain we can tweak it and get it as close as possible but it would be like the person in the picture bringing a picture of you in and saying I would like my hair like this. Hair is like a fabric, it comes in cotton, wool, or silk, so a sleek do on a head of hair that is like wool will not work. It has to be tailored to you!

Happy Clients

After many years behind a chair and observing clients smile - showing fear - happiness - excitement I have realized and practice to this day that the secret to a good haircut is to simply put the scissors down. One can always touch up what needs to be done at the end. Too many hairdressers just keep cutting away and soon both they and their client realizes that to much hair has been taken off. I find that it's best to protect both myself and the client from this issue by just stopping. The end results will make a client happy which is why I'm there!

Not Yorkville Pricing

It is not necessary that you should have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a good haircut. I have always kept my prices extremely reasonable so people have access to me. People somehow think because of the countless newspaper and magazine articles that have been written about me and all the television shows I have either worked on or appeared on that I am out of their price category and are pleasantly surprised when they see my rates. I have clients from all walks of life which makes me happy to be able to work on so many wonderful clients! Let's talk about your hair over a free Bang Trim!